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Procedures for working with owners

  1. We only agree to work with the person who owns the real estate property, whether a natural or natural persons or a legal entity and its legal representative. We only accept to promote and market properties which have been authorized and signed by the owner, this information will be verified in the public registry through the property (“finca”) number.
  2. Once this process is done, we will proceed to take pictures with the professional camera of the company as well as aerial photos (drone) when the property merits it. It is mandatory to take our own photos of the property and it is preferable that they are with the professional camera of the company, a camera specifically bought to take property photos. You will not be allowed to download photos of the internet or of other online advertisements, this is totally prohibited.
  3. To show the property we will proceed to register the appointment previously in writing with the owner to taking the person or going with an external real estate agent with client, in addition to making a basic filter and having the general profile of the client, this is with the view to inform the owner of the person we are taking to show their property. All contact with the owner will be through the listing real estate listing, that is, the agent who managed to list the property and provide services to the owner. And in turn, all contact with the client will be through the real estate agent who represents him / her, whether it is internal or external, that is, each agent will represent its part in the transaction in the cases in which it is this way.

Procedures for working with buyers or tenants

  1. Collect the basic contact details of the person, full name, email and cell phone, in addition to obtaining a general profile of the person, in a nutshell, knowing who we are dealing with in general sense in order to be able to provide the necessary service according to the client profile, this is for the benefit of all parties, it is called "Know Your Customer".
  2. At the same time, provide the client with all corporate and professional information of the company, i.e. "Know Your Agent", including but not limited to: company name, real estate license, physical office address, company corporate profile, etc.
  3. Provide the client with properties in accordance with his / her profile, collect all documentation and due diligence for contracts and advise the client from beginning to end until he is given the key to his rented or purchased property.

Procedures for working with external real estate agents

  1. Identify each other’s companies with the real estate license and / or natural persons license in case where it applies, this is the first step, it is like you real estate “ID”, or send a business card digitally or in physical form, therefore it is called a "business card". It is important always present yourself professionally and politely.
  2. If you are requesting photos and additional information of the property, please make the requests in writing, preferable by means of corporate email communication, we clearly understand that in today’s world we are much out on the street, mobilizing ourselves and attending appointments and other matters, however, in a corporate and professional world - what real estate should be - one should be able to communicate clearly with their corporate details via email.
  3. Please register the client in writing, this is for the benefit of all parties, to save us time if we are already attending the same client or to let you know if the same property has already been shown to the person. Another benefit is in case the client contacts the agent later by other means, the client was already registered for the property that is going to be shown, this could be "counter intuitive", but if we analyze it well, it is obvious why we must register the client in writing with the external real estate agent, and if we are working with a real estate professional (see items 1 and 2), there should be no problem. Another added benefit of this is to avoid the famous "ghost clients" that sometimes make "appointments" that are then "canceled" and sometimes it is only for an agent to receive photos and information of the property. Please let’s register our clients so we can save time and be more professional.