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Milagros Perez, specialist legal advisor in all types of mercantile and labor contracts, immigration matters, commercial-corporate law, estate and tax planning with special focus on local and regional investors. She was the Human Resources Director and Legal Advisor of the Economic Group Eulen Panama, which included the companies Eulen Panama de Servicios S.A. and Eulen Panama de Seguridad S.A. where she provided advice in all aspects of commercial law and labor law. She previously worked as Legal Commercial Advisor of the economic group Blasser Trade Company S.A. and she focused mainly in the legal aspects of Blasser, Casa de Guayabera S.A. in its expansion through Central America, Mexico and Venezuela, developing comparative legal analysis between corporate and labor law (Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico and Venezuela), she also handled trademark registry and operations registry in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and before the Ministry of Economy and Finance. She currently offers legal advice to the Insted Group, Panama. Additionally, she is an independent director in several boards of directors of private investment companies of real estate assets. She is currently a Partner of Panama Finance Law & Co. with registration 25-09-2007 in the Public Registry of Panama and a practicing attorney at law licensed by the general business chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama. She obtained her Degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Panama and finished her post graduate and master degree studies in Labor Law in the faculty of Law and Political Science of the Catholic University Santa Maria La Antigua. Additionally she holds with a certificate in English issued by the St. Claire College, in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She is a member of the National Union of Women Attorneys and of the National Bar Association of Panama.  

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