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Arturo Miranda Castillo, is the Managing Director of Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp., a family office and private advisory firm in Panama City, Republic of Panama. He completed the Program on Negotiation (PON) at Harvard University and Advanced Negotiation at the University of California-Berkeley, Haas School of Business, Center for Executive Education. He has over a decade of experience having negotiated hundreds of contracts in between clients of USA, Europe, Canada and LATAM. He has traveled to dozens of countries participating in seminars, courses, conferences and forums which gives him a comprehensive and holistic perspective when attending a diverse and wide range of corporate, family and individual clients. 

Negotiation: Negotiation with property owners to achieve the best price, terms and conditions for the buyer, as long as it has technical sense for all the parties involved and under current market conditions. He is an expert negotiator in adverse or difficult situations that often arise given the complexity of certain transactions that really need the expertise of a qualified professional to handle such cases.

Contracts: Are rendered free of charge for the buyer or lessee, includes reservation contracts, promissory purchase contracts, the final bill of sale, administrative procedures, public records, plus messaging services so you do not have to even move from your office after having decided the property you would like to buy or rent. (Does not include the direct costs of notaries or public institutions.)

Integral service: Proven experience along with a successful track record truly matters. We are technically qualified to carry the entire transaction process from the selection of the property, negotiation, drafting of all relevant contracts, eliminating the red tape in public entities and banks, until the registration in the public registry is done, the transfer of ownership as well as delivery of it, assuring an expeditious, efficient and transparent process for all parties involved.