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In the ordinary course of its business, 
GRUPO PREIC CORP. and/or any of its directors, may engage from time to time in a broad spectrum of activities in relation to, including but not limited to: business purchases and sales, mergers & acquisitions, and dispositions; investment projects, project developments, and private equity deals; escrow accounts, property management, and proprietary investments; valuation of companies, properties and technical appraisals; underwriting, structuring, and financing; prospecting, syndications, and private placements; investing, lending and divesting, among others. In engaging in these professional sophisticated activities, the interests of GRUPO PREIC CORP. may conflict with the interests of its broker-client relationships.

GRUPO PREIC CORP. may often have a higher fee structure than independent firms, as a result of the value generated by the firm’s directors and managers, and multiple service lines across a wide array of interconnected fields. Clients procuring the services of GRUPO PREIC CORP. acknowledge that they are aware of the firm’s high profile and value added services. 

We encourage users of this site to seek independent advice from their tax, accounting, legal or other advisors as deemed appropriate. The information on this page is solely for informational purposes only. It is intended for the benefit of third parties and those seeking information about 
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GRUPO PREIC CORP. facilitates real estate agent or administrative executive contracts for professional services to natural persons who are dedicated to the real estate activity in the Republic of Panama. During the period of time in which said agents are in the company, whether they have a PN license or not, they will be covered under the PJ license and structure of the company and only their commissions will be paid while they are in the company. If any person voluntarily resigns from the company, that is, for reasons unrelated to the company, and are with open transactions with the company or other real estate firms, they will lose the right to receive compensation in such transactions, since, if not thus, many agents would close several transactions, leave them open and leave the company, expecting full compensation from the company, while they go and engage in other activities or the same activity independently or in another company. In general terms, the person who wishes to collect his full commission according to the contract in an open transaction, must keep current and work in the company until the transaction is closed to receive their respective compensation. As a serious and responsible real estate company, we honor internal and external commissions and pay them promptly, if all due processes and procedures have been fulfilled and at the same time we expect, as a minimum standard of conduct, respect and good management of our internal staff. If for personal reasons they withdraw from our company, the day they do so, they should not have open transactions, so as not to be affected and if they do, it is at their own risk. In addition to this legal disclaimer, we may demand additional compensation and compensation from persons who have left our company, having started their other real estate activities independently while working at the company and we would proceed to collect or discount pending commissions, including, but not limited to, the following factors: use of PJ license, corporate office, workspace with computer and printer, legal bank account, proportional membership of associations, real estate portals, office supplies, invitations to internal or external events related to the company, registered trademark in the DIGERPI, legal procedures, contracts, invoices, photographs, videos, among others.


No information, forward looking statements, or estimations presented herein represent any final determination on the actual real estate investment performance achieved. While the information presented in this website has been researched and is thought to be reasonable and accurate, any real estate investment is speculative in nature. 
GRUPO PREIC CORP. and/or its staff cannot and do not guarantee any rate of return or specific price or investment timeline based on the information presented herein. By reading and reviewing the information contained in this website, the user acknowledges and agrees that GRUPO PREIC CORP. and/or its staff do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss or damage caused by the use of the information contained herein, or errors or omissions in the information contained in this website, to make any investment decision, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident or any other cause. Brokers-clients are required to conduct their own investigations, analysis, due diligence, draw their own conclusions, and make their own decisions and to the clients they represent. Any areas concerning taxes or specific legal or technical questions should be referred to lawyers, accountants, and/or other professionals licensed, qualified or authorized to render such advice or services. In no event shall GRUPO PREIC CORP. and/or its staff be liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever arising out of the use of this website or any information contained herein. GRUPO PREIC CORP. and/or its staff specifically disclaim any guarantees, including, but not limited to, stated or implied potential profits, rates of return, sales prices or investment timelines discussed or referred to herein. Although GRUPO PREIC CORP. retains the right to review any and all electronic communication between its staff and clients to make sure all parties are acting in good faith and following on the laws and regulations in place governing the transactions that they collectively undertake, and they must know the laws that govern and regulate their real estate transactions and their ignorance does not exempt them from liability before a legal failure.


Real estate values, prices and liquidity are affected by many factors including interest rates and property tax rates, zoning laws, changes in supply and demand, and in the local, regional and national economies, just to name a few. 

GRUPO PREIC CORP. has obtained the information contained herein from sources it believes to be reliable, and believes the information to be correct, no representations or warranties, express or implied, are made as to the accuracy or reliability of this information. Any references to square meters are approximate only. The recipient bears sole responsibility for verification of the accuracy of the information contained herein and bears all risk for any inaccuracies. GRUPO PREIC CORP. shall have no liability or responsibility to any party for any loss or damage arising from reliance by any party on the information contained herein.

GRUPO PREIC CORP. does not actively recommend clients to either buy, hold, lease, sell or otherwise market, promote, dispose of their properties or investments. GRUPO PREIC CORP. just facilitates client lead transactions acting in a traditional brokerage capacity, governed by the Decree Law No. 6 of July 8, 1999. We are not and cannot be held liable in any way, shape or form if the buyers or seller’s needs, expectations and/or contracts are fully fulfilled or executed to the fullest extent of the law, for this each particular client must contact their own representatives and/or lawyers, accountants, brokers, executives, agents, architects or engineers, and any misrepresentation, dissatisfaction or nonfulfillment of contracts by either party, be it the buyer, the seller, both and/or other representatives involved is of their own responsibility and liability. GRUPO PREIC CORP. renders its services on a “caveat emptor basis” as solicited directly and engaged by clients, them bearing their own risk of their decisions, actions and documents signed for the services they seek at their own time, expenses, results, responsibility, actions, errors, omissions, expectations and assumptions.


GRUPO PREIC CORP. may provide incidentally as a part of its value added services, the services of ESCROW ACCOUNTS derived primarily but not exclusively from promissory sales contracts. What is placed in escrow may be a deed, check, money, written instrument, legal documents and/or other assets that are placed into custody with GRUPO PREIC CORP. by its owner, grantor, obligor, or promisor, to be retained until the occurrence of a contingency or performance of a specific condition is met derived from the underlying promissory contract. Any written document that is willfully executed by the abiding parties who voluntarily enter into a transaction will all the requisite, necessary, additional or unnecessary legal formalities may properly constitute an ESCROW ACCOUNT. The term escrow initially solely applied to the deposit of a format instrument or document; however, it is popularly used to describe a deposit of funds. The escrow agreement is a defacto contract and the parties to such agreement determine when the agreement should be released prior to making the deposit. After the escrow agreement has been entered, the terms for holding and releasing the documents or funds cannot be altered in the absence of an agreement by all the parties. The escrow agent or officer is an independent holder and ad-hoc agent for the parties until fulfillment of the underlying conditions of promissory contract are rendered, executed and delivered. The agree parties agree that by using GRUPO PREIC CORP. as an incidental escrow agent hereby expressly indemnifies the firm and/or directors, officers, lawyers, brokers, executives, agents and personnel, if by any chance either the buying party or the selling party or both parties do not conclude the transaction in question by their own faults, errors, omissions, and misjudgment, and not pertaining to the escrow agent, and/or GRUPO PREIC CORP. cannot and shall not be held liable, in any way, shape or form for the un-fulfillment of the promissory contract and hence the escrow agreement. 

Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo, Identity Number 8-770-274, Licensed Lawyer No. 13755 issued by the General Business Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, has a natural person registration No. 0314 as AUTHORIZED LOCAL CUSTODIAN… according to Agreement No. 1048 of November 24, 2015 issued by the General Business Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, Judicial Branch of the Republic of Panama, in accordance with Law 47 of August 6, 2013, modified by Law 18 of 23 of April 2015.

Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo, has registration No. 1391 to exercise Conciliation and Mediation, issued by the Office of Alternative Resolution of Conflicts, of the Ministry of Government of the Republic of Panama, fulfilling all the requirements of Law 16 of June 17, 2016. He satisfactorily culminated the Mediation and/or Conciliation Training Program, pursuant to Executive Decree No. 777 of December 21, 2007, granted by the Conciliation and Arbitration Center of Panama (CeCAP).

Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo, has in his personal capacity an Investment Banking resolution No. 574245845 issued by the General Directorate of Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Panama. It includes other activities auxiliary to financial services, investment advisor (real estate) and commission agent services. His services do not include the offering of public securities and/or advice on listed securities and/or brokerage or sale of securities, instruments and/or quoted financial contracts or other similar ones.

Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo, has in his personal capacity his Financial Advisor resolution No. 107709 issued by the General Directorate of Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Panama. It includes the activities of administration of financial markets, other activities auxiliary to financial services activities, fund management activities, advisory services, consultancies and project designs, and investment advisor (real estate).

Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo, has in his personal capacity his Appraisal resolution No. 611253 issued by the General Directorate of Domestic Trade of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Panama. It includes the activities of appraiser of movable and immovable property.

GRUPO PREIC CORP. with registration certificate no. 253770, through resolution 1413, issued by the General Directorate of the Registry of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, possesses the exclusive use of the trademark registration of GRUPO PREIC CORP. and design, according to Article 94 of Law No. 35 of May 10, 1996.

GRUPO PREIC CORP. includes 7% of ITBMS (Transfer Tax on Movable Property and Services) on all commissions for services rendered, as established by Law 8 of March 15, 2010 and Law 61 of December 26, 2002.

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