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Work with the best! 

Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. is the fastest growing real estate brokerage company in Panama!

Founded in 2006, the company has:
1) Corporate office, centrally located and well equipped in P.H. Denovo, Office 6-A, with 6 parking spaces in total and bathrooms for visitors and staff. 
2) Real estate co-working: Modern and innovative work format, with open spaces, fiber optics and 24/7 office.
3) More than 20 real estate agents, motivated, and professionals with internal database through WASI and 4 portals: Encuentra 24, Compre o Alquile, OLX and Gogetit.
4) Development of human capital, with emphasis on ethics, respect, professionalism and independence.
5) Associated legal firm / Legal Department through Panama Finance Law & Co. that provides support at all times, at no additional cost to owners or agents.
6) ACOBIR's main MLS companies by volume and number of sales and rentals.
7) Professional photography for MLS listings: camera with real estate lens, drone, 4K photography, Virtual Tour.
8) Best compensation in the country for PJ companies with all these benefits, proven track record and excellent reputation in the national and international market.

Our Principles:
We are creative thinkers as a firm
We value holistic knowledge
And innovative approaches
To our clients' most pressing concerns
And we are only as relevant
As the quality of our work and the solutions provided to our clients
If we do right by our clients, our success will follow
And we will only be successful, if our clients are successful 
We are contingent on our intellectual capital and the reputation of our firm 
No one alone can change the world, yet together we can build a better one 
This release is a presentation of our company and an opportunity to make a collaborative business alliance; it should not be considered as a job offer or request to work in our company. We greatly respect real estate agents and owners of real estate brokerage companies. Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. does not actively solicit agents from other companies or brokerage companies. We are aware that we are in a highly competitive, increasingly complex and regulated market. We believe that it is possible to work in a fair, orderly and correct manner and that is why we are promoters of good practices: Administrative, Compliance and Corporate Governance, establishment of Executive Committees, Audit and Risk, among others, following the codes of ethics valid in the industry and the uses and customs accepted in the local market place. 

Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo, Licensed Lawyer No. 13755 issued by the General Business Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, has a natural person registration No. 0314 as AUTHORIZED LOCAL CUSTODIAN… according to Agreement No. 1048 of November 24, 2015 issued by the General Business Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of Panama, Judicial Branch of the Republic of Panama, in accordance with Law 47 of August 6, 2013, modified by Law 18 of 23 of April 2015.

Arturo Enrique Miranda Castillo, has registration No. 1391 to exercise Conciliation and Mediation, issued by the Office of Alternative Resolution of Conflicts, of the Ministry of Government of the Republic of Panama, fulfilling all the requirements of Law 16 of June 17, 2016. He satisfactorily culminated the Mediation and/or Conciliation Training Program, pursuant to Executive Decree No. 777 of December 21, 2007, granted by the Conciliation and Arbitration Center of Panama (CeCAP).

Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. with registration certificate no. 253770, through resolution 1413, issued by the General Directorate of the Registry of Industrial Property of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, possesses the exclusive use of the trademark registration of Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. and design, according to Article 94 of Law No. 35 of May 10, 1996.

Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. includes 7% of ITBMS (Transfer Tax on Movable Property and Services) on all commissions for services rendered, as established by Law 8 of March 15, 2010.

Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. is Real Estate Brokerage and Financial Consulting & Advisory firm registered, regulated and supervised by Intendence of Supervision and Regulation of NFSs, ascribed to the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

The assets or listings are obtained through external suppliers or third-party natural and/or legal persons. This website is owned by Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. and is for informational and illustrative use only and for advertising purposes. Panama Real Estate & Investment Consultants, Corp. is not responsible or guarantees the results obtained through the use of this page by its Users and any electronic communication derived from it.

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